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End-of-life for Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2003 support ends on 14th July 2015. After this date, Microsoft will no longer issue any updates or patches for this product, leaving users high and dry when compatibility and compliance issues occur.

The risks to your business

Compatibility issues - new hardware and software solutions are not being built to run on Windows Server 2003 and updates for existing solutions will begin to cause you problems.

No compliance - regulated industries generally demand supported IT platforms, so you’ll probably fail to meet compliance standards overnight.

No updates - any bugs, performance issues and security vulnerabilities will remain unfixed past this end-of-life date.

Higher maintenance costs - without Microsoft’s backing, support charges will rise and you’ll have no guarantee of an overall resolution to your problems.

Let’s discuss your options

Now's the time to plan your migration strategy from Windows Server 2003.

Products like Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Azure and Office 365 offer improved performance and increased business agility but which is right for your organisation?


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